• You can only Register as a Vendor if you Comply with the Following Requirements

  • Must be a registered business.

    Bank account must be in the business name.

    You must have a registered business address.

    You must have a valid Export Number.

  • Registration - Personal Details

  • https://madeinafricab2b.com/vendor-store/
  • Upload profile picture
  • Upload a banner for your store. Banner size is (625x300) px
  • Export Licence Number and Supporting Document

  • Email compliance@madeinafricab2b.com if you don't have an export licence number
  • Please upload documentation that will allow us to verify that your export licence number is valid
  • Vendor Contract

    Click on the link below to download your vendor contract. Once downloaded, please complete and sign the contract before uploading.
  • Download Vendor Contract: CLICK HERE to download Vendor Contract
  • Please ensure contract is signed before uploading
  • Company Documents

    Please ensure you upload all the necessary company documents to ensure a smooth registration process
  • Upload the companies registration document
  • Upload the companies proof of address
  • Upload a letter from your bank that confirms your banking account with them
  • Upload the directors identity document
  • Upload proof of address for the director of the company
  • Vendor Login Password

    This is the password you will use to login to the Made In Africa B2B platform
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    Log In | Lost Password

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