Made in Africa launched on the 1st of October 2021. Our online e-commerce solution provides a gateway for your products to the African and Global markets. Sell or buy wholesale. A business to business online marketplace where you can either sell or source various ranges of products in the agricultural, manufacturing or mining sectors. 

We provide a secure end-to-end solution whether you are sourcing products or selling. 


Why Sign Up To Us?


Our free subscription has no monthly fees, nor start up fees, just a 6 percent commission on a sale.


Our various marketing packages drop the commission to 3 percent. These packages can be designed by our marketing department using your experience and product expertise. We will tailor make a solution for your specific product to target into a specific country, targeting buyers, or customers depending on the strategy that we are implementing. 


We have connected with 36 Chamber of commerce groups within Africa and 4 groups outside of Africa (Switzerland, Florida, Australia, United Kingdom). These commerce groups open our network into key regions. With potential buyers wanting to buy from a trusted platform such as Made in Africa.


We handle the entire logistics flow from bookings, to collections, cross border taxes and duties, and delivery to the customers address anywhere in Africa or the world. 


Uploading of your products in your local currency or US Dollars, pay out in US dollars to your global account. 


Move bulk, minimum order of one pallet of goods. If your production runs are 5000 units, then you can set on the system that your minimum order is this amount. 


Fully integrated vendor back end, allowing you to directly chat to customers via a chat app similar to WhatsApp, customer coupon issuance, and currency selection. See below.

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